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Development is Complex. Our Approach is Simple.
Our Approach
Fried Companies, Inc.

"When I first sold a tract of land to the Frieds, I could never have imagined the relationship that developed. They learned about a one-room schoolhouse on the property that was built in the 1880s by a community of freed slaves. My great-grandparents were members of that community. Most developers would have torn the school down, but the Frieds insisted on restoring it. It's now a museum, where local fourth graders come to learn about Virginia history. What they did was wonderful."
— Phyllis Walker Ford
Development is Complex.
Our Approach is Simple.

Fried Companies, Inc. (FCI) is a real estate development and property management firm led by Mark and Barbara Fried. For 45 years, FCI has developed innovative, high-quality residential communities, office complexes, shopping centers, and hotels in Virginia. At FCI, we recognize that development can be a complicated process, but our approach is simple. We begin each project with an innovative vision, work closely with local citizens, back the undertaking with solid finances and outstanding management, and stay involved for the long run. FCI has established a long record of enriching communities in Virginia — and we continue that work today.


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Disclaimer: The plan presently envisioned for the development of this project is subject to change at any time,
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